"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." ~ Benjamin Franklin

Community Hero Day Held at Hilltop Elementary

Hilltop Elementary 2nd grader Emily Gatts tells WJMH Media why she wants to be a meteorologist when she gets older.

Hilltop Elementary School recently observed Red Ribbon Week to promote being drug free. Students wore a red ribbon all week that read “Real Heroes Don’t Do Drugs.”

Community Hero Day was an event held where students dressed up as a person who represents their favorite career.

Hilltop Elementary School Counselor Shelly Behm put together the event and realizes the importance of students finding a career that fits them.  “Setting a goal you might like to do and then working to get there is part of growing up and part of becoming a successful person.”

Students got to meet local professionals and hear about what it’s like to do their jobs.

Second grade student Emily Gatts is enthusiastic about becoming a meteorologist “I would like to be a meteorologist because the weather is really cold and I like the rain and snow.”

Besides Community Hero Day the school hosted Say Boo to Drugs Day, Be All You Can Be Day, We Rock Drug Free Day and Protect Yourself for the Future Day.