Parents and educators gathered in the Moundsville Middle School cafeteria for a chance to hear the voices of award-winning young writers who attend a school in Marshall County.

Students who placed in the annual county contest read their original stories, which are printed in the 2016 Marshall County Young Writers Anthology, to the audience.

Entries varied on topics but each submission was composed during the current school year, during school hours and supervised by a teacher.  Compositions were judged based on ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency and conventions.

Ian Bush’s story titled “Lucky” has earned the Cameron Elementary School 6th grader second place honors at the state level of the Young Writers competition.  Bush, along with all other county first place winners, are invited to attend Young Writers Day at the University of Charleston on Friday, May 13, 2016.

The Young Writer’s contest has been held in Marshall County since 1984.


2016 Young Writers Contest Winners

1st Place Writers

2016 Marshall County Young Writers 1st Place Winners

Pictured from left:  Zara Zervos (Grades 7-8), Brandi Powell (Grades 11-12), Ian Bush (Grades 5-6), Kaylee White (Grades 1-2) and Sofiah Bozenske (GRades 3-4). Not Pictured:  Peri Gray (Grades 9-10).

2nd Place Writers


Pictured from left:  Cheyenne Harvey (Grades 1-2), Connor Dorsey (Grades 3-4), Annie Martin (Grades 5-6) and Austin Powell (Grades 7-8). Not Pictured: Zoe Ross (Grades 9-10) and Annie Hill (Grades 11-12).

3rd Place Writers


Pictured from left:  McKenna Gump (Grades 7-8), Sybil Willis (Grades 5-6), Wyatt McClure (Grades 3-4) and Aubrey Thomas (Grades 1-2). Not Pictured:  Shay Straughn (Grades 9-10) and Lindsay Paczewski (Grades 11-12).